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Bina Nusantara English Club (BNEC) proudly invites you to the 2013 Asian English Olympics!! Next year on 17-21 February we are going to have another international standard competition at home!
This competition is open to senior high school and university students from all across Asia. We are going to employ British Parliamentary format, applying N-1 adjudicator policy, with 88 as the team cap and 3 as the institutional cap. We will not have separated rounds for high school, but we will have a Novice Final* for new debaters to the international competition. We will have 6 preliminary rounds.
We promise you a high quality of adjudication, as we will have more than qualified people as our adjudication core and we will be providing many capable adjudicators from all across Asia. Our adjudication core:
1. Rosmiyana – Binus university
2. Elghafiky Bimardhika – University of Indonesia
3. Gemma Buckley – Monash University
4. Shafiq Bazari – UTMARA (Universiti Teknologi MARA)
5. Siraj Azis – SMU (Singapore Management University)
One more person to be confirmed.
We are allocating a minimum amount of 2,000 USD for subsidized judges travel from all across Asia (not including adjcore). According to today’s rate, we will be able to get 6 judges from Singapore, 3 from Malaysia, 1 from Korea and another 1 from Thailand, or 1 from Thailand, 1 from Japan, 2 from Philippines, 2 from Malaysia and 3 from Singapore, or other possible combinations with 10 more qualified judges coming from across the nation to enhance the adjudication quality.
The online registration has been opened on October 31. Registration fee is 500.000 IDR/person, includes 2 meals a day, transportation from and to the airport if you stay in the accommodation choices we provided. Transportation schedule from and to the airport will be announced later. We are going to provide several options for accommodation, but now we are still finalizing deals with the hotels. The choices will be about 85.000 IDR/person/night.
Like our previous Olympics, we’ll have 5 other equally competitive fields: Scrabble, Speech, Storytelling, News Casting and Short Movie Making. More details are given bellow if you are interested. More information is available in our website: www.aeo.mybnec.org and our facebook  page: AEO (Asian English Olympics). For queries, please send an e-mail to international.aeo@… (for international particioants) andaeo.registration@… (for Indonesian participants)  
*Novice Team requirements to be announced later by the adjudication core.
Registration fee: 500.000IDR/person
Cap: 88 teams/176 participants
Registration fee: 350.000IDR/person
Cap: 70 people
Registration fee: 400.000IDR/person
Cap: 70 people
Story Telling
Registration fee: 400.000IDR/person
Cap: 65 people
News Casting
Registration fee: 400.000IDR/person
Cap: 80 people
Short Movie Making
Registration fee: 900.000IDR/film for a team of 3.
Cap: 18 teams (54 people)

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