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Lewis Hamilton (Foto: Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton (Foto: Getty Images)

Woking – McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton can look good to have hopes of winning points at the Canadian GP. For the British rider is hoping his team can avoid any mistakes in the race. Hamilton has so far not achieved the first podium, while teammate Jenson Button has grabbed first in the Australian GP.

Hamilton also claim to have never broken charcoal to always improve performance. “Not at all difficult to look ahead. I’m excited for all races and whatever happens during the race, I was always raised me and encouraged him to always look good, “Hamilton said as quoted by from Planet F1 on Saturday (01/05/2012).

27-year-old driver in each race to prepare themselves properly. Even Hamilton admitted to practice is always special to prepare for her condition. “I was at the Gymnasium to practice as hard as I could, I put my mind at the same time frame in each race to make sure I did my job well,” he explained. Hamilton also expressed the hope from the deepest depths of her by saying, “I just hope we get the latest developments to bring us closer (teams) to another and I would hope there are no errors in our weekend because the team has done a fantastic job . ”


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