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How To Get Japaneses Name ?

Heemm,,, Well…

Hello All The Visitor in My Site,,,,,

Sorry Maybe Its Too Late Maybe For Me To Introduction My Self In This Site..

But No Problem, Let’s Try To Introduction Again….

My Name Is Kasmianto,,,,, I was Born In Nunukan City ,,,, Dec 2 1991…

Until Today I’M Still 21 Years Old….. Maybe for a few month …. LOL….

I’m Have Pass my school In SDN 033 Tarakan for the elementary school,,, For the Junior high school I Pass In SMP 6 Tarakan,,,, and continue to Vocational High school in SMK 2 Tarakan, In Electrical Department …

and After Pass my study in SMK 2 Tarakan, I apply to working in Gramedia Books Store … I Working There For 1 year and 4 Month…..

Maybe its long time yah…. but never mind, over there I learn how to be employee ….

Than Finishing my job in Gramedia Tarakan ,…… For Now I Just continue my study In Narotama University In Surabaya City…

and this my site from the collage,,,

so hope all of you will be enjoy to read in my site…

For More site access in :

Facebook : Kasmiantothebest@yahoo.com

Twitter : @antokasmianto

YM : Kasmiantothebest@yahoo.com

E-mail : antho.kasmianto@gmail.com

Phone : 085246506765

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