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You Have Been Employed in the information services division of The Pet store’s parent company in Cader Rapids for 10 years, working your way up director of systems development. last month you were picked to be the CIO for the new German subsidiary, which was acquired from the former owners through an exchange of stock. The Former CIO resigned, and you are taking her place.

Robert Jones, is being retained as The Pet Store AG president, and you briefly met with him upon your arrival in frankfurt. You have never worked Europe but have heard stories of how business practices differ from those in the United State. You touched on this in your conversation with robert and expressed an interest in establishing a high level of ethics in the IS operation. You briefly outlined a 10 stap action plan that you had read about in a magazine article by Donn Parker. You were surprised to learn that The Pet Store AG has no overall ethics culture  no corporate credo, ethnics, or ethnic code. However,  things are not all bad. Robert was not opposed to you pursuing your own program to ensure an ethical computing operation ” Go ahead and do whatever you need to, ” he said.

you go back to your office and retrieve parker’s article from one of your boxes. in glancing over it you see that some of the step will not difficult to take a company with no ethics culture. However, some of the step cause you to have second thought about your decision to go it alone. you decide to write a memo to Robert, listing 10 step and, for each, assigning a level of difficulty. your strategy will be to use this list as a means of persuading Robert that he needs to start working on an ethics culture.


1. Begin your memo with paragraph summarizing the effect of a lack of corporate ethics culture on your efforts to achieve ethic in IS. The purpose of this paragraph is to get Robert’s attention concerning the subject of ethics.

2. List the steps of your IS ethics action plan. For each, add the note, ” Level of difficulty  ” followed by a value ranging from 0 ( for not difficult ) to 10 ( For Extremely difficult ) the level of difficulty will assume that no ethics culture exists. The purpose this section is to drive home the point that an ethnic culture is necessary.

3. Follow your action plan with another list of the step that you recommend Robert should take in establishing an ethnics culture. For each step, explain briefly how it will be accomplished. Be Specific in terms of any support you can provide.


Books From

Mcleod and Schell

Management Information Systems

Eighth Edition

SRaymond Mcleod, Jr. & George Schell

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