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Your are the sales manager for athens computer sales and service, the largest distributor of computing hardware and software in Greece, your firm represents all the world’s leading hardware and software vendors.

Your are in your office one day, working up a sales plant for the coming year, one that will guide the sales force. A friend of yours, who teaches at a local university, recently  faxed on you a copy of a study of computer use by Greek corporation managers. two of the tables in the article were especially interesting. one ( see table 4.2 ) Show the location of Greek managers in their organizations and the average number of hours per week that they use their  computers. The other ( see table 4.3 ) shows the hardware and software used. you are trying to figure how to incorporate that information into your plan.

Before you  received the report of the study, you and yours boss, the owner, had decided to focus your sales efforts on coordination. if the sales reps can show the managers in Greek MNCs how your hardware and software will help them better coordinate their global resources, the other should start rolling in.

you know from your marketing research that most MNCs have an organizational structure based on worldwide functional divisions, and they pursue transnational strategies. The firms manufacture subassemblies to the subsidiaries, where they are assembled into finished products.

you intend to aim yours sales plant at this specific target market. You want to take are a rifle rather than a shotgun approach. in other words, you want to aim your sales efforts at precisely the point where they will do not most good. you believe this to be much more effective than trying to sell everything to everybody.



Make two sales plants –  one for selling to an MNC parent and one for selling to its subsidiary offices. For each plan, specify  the following :

  • The particular management level that the sales rep should contact to have maximum chance of a sale.
  • The particular  functional area ( other than IS ) the sales rep should contact.
  • T he type of hardware ( recommend only one ) a manager on the selected level in the selected functional area should use.
  • The type of software ( you can recommend more than one ) than will enable the manager to coordinate the resources for which he or she responsible.

For each of your specifications, explain briefly ( in one to three sentences ) why the particular choice was made. Title on list ” sales Plans for Parent ” and the other list ” Sales plan for subsidiary Offices “. Keep your plans short and sweet; the sales reps don’t like to do a lot of reading. for each list, include only the four points specified above.


Books From

Mcleod and Schell

Management Information Systems

Eighth Edition

SRaymond Mcleod, Jr. & George Schell

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